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      Women In Business              Discussion Series

Engage in lively, thought provoking discussions with Empress and other women on the entrepreneurial journey.
Discussions With Women In Business


  • Weekly Discussion with Women In Business
  •  Business Insights
  •  Personal Development Activities 
  •  Networking 
  •  Q&A From Participants
  • Small Group Activities

The Entrepreneur 

Some people believe starting a business is about making money. On the contrary, Entrepreneurship is a journey of self discovery and self mastery. 
As you hear each persons entrepreneurial journey you too will discover or re-discover your purpose.

Building Your Personal Brand

The ideas shared during the discussion group will reveal to you ideas that you can put into action to build your own personal brand through content marketing.
Meet the instructor

Karen Francis Winston MEd

Karen Francis Winston aka Empress is a teacher/trainer and entrepreneur. She has a Masters Degree in Curriculum Design from the University of Florida and a Bachelors in Human Services. Empress enjoys teaching all levels and all ages. For over 2 decades Karen's training exploits have included military personnel, teachers, students, athletes, and foreign nationals. She looks forward to sharing her journey as an entrepreneur and its impact on her personal and spiritual development.  
Empress- Instructor
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