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Learn How To Contract With The City Of Ocala

This is an experiential learning course for Women, Veterans, and Minorities. It guides business owners through the process of contracting with the City of Ocala. At the conclusion of this course your business will be able to bid for Ocala City Contracts.
contracting 101
Learn How To Locate and Apply For City Contracts
Structuring Your Business
Learn How To properly structure your business.
Learn! do! Earn!
Submit A Bid For A Contract


  • Guided Instruction
  • Business  & Banking Set up
  • State SBE Certification
  • Instruction on the Bidding Process 
  • Contract Execution
  • Mentoring Opportunities

Become a Contractor For The City

You will learn how to properly structure and organize your company. Develop, negotiate, and execute a contract.  Analyze and measure the effectiveness of your company's execution of the City's contract guidelines. 

Earn While You Learn

 You will also learn how to put the information presented to you into action by submitting a bid for a contract with the City Of Ocala. 
Meet the instructor

Karen A Francis-Winston MSEd

'Learning Is Experience. Everything else is just information.'  ~Einstein

Whether delivering instruction in person or virtually, my trainings produce skill and mastery in all learners. 

I am a 20 year veteran teacher and curriculum designer. I specialize in  using experiential learning techniques to develop skill and mastery in my students.  

My professional training and personal coaching techniques are un-traditional but effective. Success for me means seeing learners demonstrate mastery via the APPLICATION of new knowledge.

Anything else, as Einstein suggests, is just information.
Karen A Francis-Winston  MSEd
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