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Diversity & Inclusion Self-Survey

Creating a diverse and inclusive culture is a critical priority for all businesses these days. It can be a struggle to measure this, so you should turn to the people who live diversity and inclusion.

Run a diversity and inclusion survey to baseline where you're currently at so that you can start to track and implement positive changes.
How Diverse & Inclusive Is Your Company? 


  • Improves Personal Skills and relationships
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Honest & Candid Diverse & Inclusive survey questions
  • Correlation w/ increased Financial Gains
  • Conflict Reduction and Resolution
  • MacroEconomics

Why Assess?

How do you know what to fix if you don't know what's broken. 

Assessing your company/organizations diversity quotient is the first step towards creating a diverse and inclusive corporate culture.

Targeted Training

 Identifying areas of weakness in your company's diversity policies and culture will provide a target for which program advisors can design training targeting  those areas.
Curriculum  DEVELOPERs

Karen & Marshae

Having designed culturally sensitive content for chinese and international companies, Karen and Marshae are uniquely qualified to guide companies in creating a diverse and inclusive work culture.

We work with companies to conduct meaningful D&I evaluations, reviews, and training, develop high performing diverse and inclusive advisory boards that help guide diverse and inclusive corporate culture. 
Establish Company D&I Objectives and SMART goals 
Empower managers and employees to have meaningful conversations through feedback and one-on-ones
Improve cultural and diverse dialogue between employees
Karen & Marshae-Diversity & Inclusion Trainers
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